Support During Disasters

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo provides a library of information on rebuilding and resources available. These resources were created to help residents of Wood Buffalo meet the many challenges and complicated process in dealing with a loss of employment to a wildfire, loss of property or damages incurred.

For more information, visit these resources provided by the RM of Wood Buffalo:

Information for Contractors

Understand what is important to homeowners seeking a reputable and skilled home builder to ensure the success of their rebuild. *Link Source: RMWB

Information for Homeowners

For homeowners, building your dream home can be a rewarding experience and for others it can be extremely overwhelming. It is important to understand the steps that are required to ensure your home is built according to spec.*Link Source: RMWB

Community Planning Resources

The Community Planning Wood Buffalo branch is responsible for assisting with planning requirements including land use bylaws, applications to subdivide lands, and development permits. *Link Source: RMWB

Permits, Reference Guides, and Links

A helpful directory of resources compiled by RMWB for reference purposes. View bylaws, permits, builder acts, FAQs and more. *Link Source: RMWB

Health & Safety

Find health and safety information about ongoing environmental monitoring following the wildfire. *Link Source: RMWB