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Latest numbers from this region, Friday January 6, 2017. This data will be updated seasonally.

Note: As a result of the wildfire affecting northern Alberta, LFS data for the census agglomeration of Wood Buffalo were not collected from May to July 2016.



According to the 2016 Statistics Canada census, the enumerated population of Wood Buffalo was 73,320, representing a 9.6% change from 2011. At almost 70,000 square kilometres, the Regional Municipality (RM) of Wood Buffalo is one of the largest municipalities in North America.

It was established on April 1, 1995, through the amalgamation of the City of Fort McMurray and Improvement District No. 143; it stretches from north central Alberta to the borders of Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories.


The Regional Municipality (RM) of Wood Buffalo’s 2015 municipal census reported a population of 125,032 in the municipality, including permanent and shadow (non-permanent) populations of 82,724 and 42,308 residents respectively.


The RM of Wood Buffalo is home to vast oil sand deposits, also known as the Athabasca Oil Sands, helping to make the region one of the fastest growing industrial areas in Canada.


Fort McMurray was established as a Hudson’s Bay Company post in 1870. When the settlement of Fort McMurray first appeared in the 1901 Dominion Census, there were 16 people counted.

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*For more information, visit the Statistics Canada 2016 Census.

Regional Overview

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For more information about Wood Buffalo or Fort McMurray and area, visit the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo website.

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