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The greatest labour need in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo is for skilled workers — workers with education, training and experience. While unskilled labour jobs are available, there is no great need for long-term, unskilled labour, especially with the recent economic downturn and the 2016 wildfires.

Today, local employers require workers with the minimum of basic reading, writing and math skills. Few opportunities are available for those who cannot read, write and speak English because of safety issues that may arise.

Workers gain skills and knowledge in different ways. If you have work experience from abroad and training in a skilled occupation outside of Alberta, you may need your credentials recognized in order to work in Wood Buffalo.

Who can learn an occupation in Wood Buffalo?

Apprenticeship allows for on-the-job training provided by your employer.

While anyone can earn while they learn, you must meet the eligible requirements for your designated trade of choice, as well as ensure that you are:
a. a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada, and
b. employed by an employer eligible to participate in the apprenticeship program.

To be eligible for an apprenticeship program in Wood Buffalo, you must also
a. find an employer willing to hire you as an apprentice and provide the standard, on-the-job training
b. apprenticeship employer must be registered with Apprenticeship and Industry Training provided by the government of Alberta.

Note: ** Alberta apprenticeship programs are not designated under Alberta Designation Requirements to accept and enrol international students.

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Are there opportunities to learn on the job?

There are many viable ways to learn about a unique opportunity through practical experience – from programs leading apprenticeship, to more casual exploration opportunities through career camps, trade shows and networking events.


Apprenticeship & Certification Opportunities

There are dozens of oil sands companies, hundreds of construction companies, hundreds of oil sands service and maintenance companies and thousands of other companies operating in the region. With a population of 125,032 (according to the 2015 RM of Wood Buffalo census) and rapid growth in the region, there are certainly many great apprenticeship opportunities. However, just like a job search, there is no one-stop-shop for finding an opportunity in the region.

For more information on funding opportunities for post-secondary students, visit:

Education Programs

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Loans / Grants

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Scholarships / Bursaries

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There are some excellent resources in finding apprenticeship opportunities in Wood Buffalo, including:

  • OCCinfo: Apprenticeship and Certification Program Directory Research on training programs that combine information for on-the-job training, work experience and technical learning for an occupation in your trade of choice.
  • Trades Alberta Experience what Alberta and its partnered institutions have to offer for Apprenticeship and Industry training.