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Scholarships & Bursaries

Scholarships and bursaries are financial assistance programs that assist with paying your post-secondary education and training. These programs are provided by government, post-secondary institutions and industry and qualified applicants are not required to pay them back.

Scholarships are often derived from high school or post-secondary school merit. For example, if you have graduated with top honours, the opportunity for scholarships is greater. Some scholarships are also based on athletic skill, extra-curricular involvement or areas of interest.

Where a scholarship is a monetary award given to a student of academic excellence in a specific area of study; a bursary is a monetary grant given to a student who has a clearly demonstrated financial need and/or satisfactory academic achievement.

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To find more and apply for scholarships and bursaries in Canada, visit:
  • Government of Canada International Scholarships Program
    Scholarships that are open to Canadian and non-Canadian students who wish to study abroad.
    An excellent student community that provides information on scholarships, bursaries, grants and fellowships for Canadian students. Search for unique scholarships that reward your special areas of interest.
    A portal resource, that includes awards and scholarships for students, with disabilities who are studying in Canada.
  • International studies scholarship programs
    If you are a full-time undergraduate pursuing a degree related to international studies, the government offers scholarships to eligible students seeking this opportunity.