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  • 2015 Census
    The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo conducts a census every two to three years to determine the population number, as well as basic demographic information pertaining to industry, community groups, businesses, housing and the social profit sector. This also includes archived reports.
  • Labour Force Survey
    As a result of the wildfire affecting northern Alberta, which led to the evacuation of residents from the Fort McMurray area, LFS data for the census agglomeration of Wood Buffalo were not collected from May to July of 2016.





  • Stats Canada Labour-related statistics
    View Statistics Canada for analysis on labour market activities of the region and province as well as Canada.
  • Find labour data from the census (2016)
    The first release of information for the 2016 Census releasing February 8, 2017. Check the official release schedule to determine when labour and income are set to release. The Census Program provides a wide range of regional information on local wage rates, regional hiring news, labour trends and various related topics.
  • Wage specific to occupation and location
    Find information on average wage standards based on the occupation and location, as well as data on wage outlooks.
  • Canada Job Market Trends
    Find information on regional hiring news, aggregated press releases on major economic development projects in the region that can affect the supply and demand of the labour force.
  • Employment, Payroll and Hour statistics
    View summary tables of average earnings for hourly paid employees, by industry, including overtime, education and related services.
  • Aboriginal Labour Market Bulletin
    This bulletin is a resource to assist in identifying emerging opportunities in the labour market for indigenous peoples. Statistics include economic conditions, labour market and demographic trends and current and potential employment opportunities.


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