Wages & Salaries

The following resources are to help identify salaries and wages across occupations in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

Wood Buffalo is a region that offers competitive wages in more than just the oil and gas industry. In most cases, wages and benefits vary according to the industry and specific employer, skill level, experience and education of the applicant.

To determine the average a position pays in Wood Buffalo, visit websites with job postings such as:

Search wages by occupation and what is competitive right in the Wood Buffalo area, as well as talk to others in the industry about potential pay and benefits.


Minimum Wage in Wood Buffalo


On October 1, 2016, minimum wage in Alberta increased from $11.20 per hour to $12.20 per hour, the first of a three stage increase to meet a $15 minimum wage by 2018.

The minimum wage will go up $1.40 an hour to $13.60 an hour on October 1, 2017. And as of October 2016, the minimum wage is the same for adults, liquor servers, adolescents and young people.

Most employers pay above this rate in Fort McMurray. Only approximately 2.2% of working Albertans are paid minimum wage, though these individuals still play an important part of the workforce.
For full details on the Alberta (Wood Buffalo) minimum wage increase, visit:


Labour Rates

For more information on specific wages and report information, please visit these resources:

Also visit association directory and union websites. Average pay rates are usually published periodically for members for specific industry information.


Northern Resident Deduction

There is no standard Northern Allowance Rate in Wood Buffalo although employers may offer an Attraction Bonus to attract and retain workers. This is usually common for employees at senior management levels, since those positions take specific experience and training into consideration and there may be fewer applicants with those skills to choose from.


Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo residents qualify for the Zone B Northern Resident Deduction.


Learn More:

  • Alberta Learning Services is a fantastic resource for keeping up to date on the latest labour market information trends in Alberta. It’s also a fantastic tool to browse wages based on employment trends, current career opportunities, complete with full descriptions on occupations and more.
  • Indeed.ca has an excellent salary portal that estimates recent job listings, employee postings and job advertisements in a 12 month calendar, and reports wage information based on salaries reported.
  • The Government of Canada Job Bank gives you an opportunity to compare wages for different occupations based on location.