Skills & Shortages

Learn about Wood Buffalo’s job vacancies, labour shortages and the essential skills needed to do a great job.

When there aren’t enough people with specialist skills that are needed to do a particular job, the result is often known as a “skill in demand” (also described as a skill shortage).

For example, if an energy firm has four jobs available for project management, but only two qualified project managers apply for those jobs, the other two jobs have to stay vacant no matter how many people apply.

Skills & Wage Reports

According to the Alberta government:

Why are certain skills in demand in Wood Buffalo?

There are a lot of reasons why specific skills are in demand in Wood Buffalo, including:

  • Lack of skilled people in a particular industry
  • Industry image problems making people reluctant to choose a career in the field
  • A lack of investment in safety and training
  • Economic changes
  • Technology advancement, and more

What types of skills are in demand in Wood Buffalo?

According to the Alberta Government, the occupational demand outlook and the types of skills that are in demand in Wood Buffalo include:

  • sales and service
  • cleaners and domestic workers
  • transit drivers
  • contractors
  • agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture
  • mid-level operators and supervisors

Things to consider when searching skill shortages:

  • Just because a certain skill set is in demand in Wood Buffalo, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll automatically get a job in the area. Specialized skills are required in most industries in Wood Buffalo.
  • If you’re thinking about looking into training for a specific skill in demand, keep in mind that the training you require to meet certain job requirements for a skill in demand may not have the same shortages in training as the occupation due to its high interest. This includes certifications, grants and loans as well. View the Skills & Training section of this website for more information.
  • Newcomers are welcome to immigrate as a skilled worker in Canada using the Express Entry system. To learn more if you qualify as a skilled worker, visit the Government of Canada website.


Learn More:

  • Visit CAREERS: The Next Generation to view their Co-op Apprenticeship training program geared toward the next generation of skilled workers that will be required in the aftermath of the wildfires in the region.
  • Visit the ALIS website to view monthly Skill Shortage Reports provided by the Government of Alberta.
  • View the Wood Buffalo – Cold Lake Occupational Demand Outlook for 2016 – 2020 here.
  • View the Alberta Occupational Demand and Supply Outlook 2015 – 2025 Report available here.