Oil Sands Publications

Information on the oil sands industry in Wood Buffalo, Alberta.

This report lists active oil sands projects, contact information and more! These reports contain projects that are currently operating, under construction or on hold. A list of proposed future projects is also included, many of which are active in exploration, financing and regulatory approval.

Resource Group

Spring 2014 - Oil Sands Project Report
November 2012 - Oil Sands Project Report
February 2012 - Oil Sands Project Report
August 2011 - Oil Sands Project Report
January 2010 - Oil Sands Project Report
July 2010 - Oil Sands Project Report
December 2009 - Oil Sands Project Report
Life Cycle of an Oil Sands Project
AOSID Quarterly Update Summer 2016

Provincial Oil Sands Publications

The link on this page will take you directly to publications, videos and maps related to the oil sands industry (and the energy industry) in Wood Buffalo, Alberta.

These reports were produced by the Government of Alberta and have been provided as an information service to job seekers.

More Reports


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Monthly Oil Sands Activity Reports
The Industry Activity report provides you with the most up-to-date data available for Alberta drilling activity, including new licenses, spuds, land sales, rig activities and completions.

Quarterly Oil Sands Industry Reports
The Quarterly Industry report provides the latest information on projects and related activities happening in the oil industry.

Inventory of Alberta Major Construction Projects
Learn about major construction projects, valued at $5 million or greater, that are planned, underway or have recently been completed in Alberta.

Rotating, Not Relocating – Alberta’s Oil and Gas Rotational Workforce (Enform)
Learn more about the skilled workers and the impact on how this rotational workforce has on the local economy, as well as the Indigenous population.

Protecting the Investment of Our Future, 2015 (Teleologic)
Learn more about the strategies in place to mitigate socio-economic impacts in Wood Buffalo regarding the Athabasca Oil Sands.


Or visit any of these resources:


Oil Sands Information Portal
The Oil Sands Information Portal is a one-window source about the environmental impacts of oil sands development. It includes an interactive map and downloadable datasets.

Oil Sands Discovery Centre
The Oil Sands Discovery Centre in Fort McMurray is located in the centre of the world’s largest oil sands deposit – the Athabasca Oil Sands. To learn more about the facility and book educational programs, visit the website.

Oil Sands Community Alliance (OSCA)
Being a member of the OSCA provides a connection point for resource developers, communities, local, provincial and federal government agencies and other industries looking to make a difference.

Alberta’s Energy Resources Heritage
Learn how the energy industry shaped Alberta economically, socially and politically using this resource.